Wooden Sofa: Buy Wooden Sofa Set Online with Low Prices for living room with Free shipping and Installation. Please create account through ##customer_email## email. Indian Minimalist Wooden Sofa Set 36,999.00 – 99,999.00 You Total Savings: 10,000.00 (9%) Beautiful teak wood built with premium quality fabric makes this group come alive with the colors of nature. Sign up and get a chance to win the giveaway of the week. Note: We are majorly looking BUYERS from Tamilnadu - Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Selam, Coimbatore, Vellore, Tirunelveli, Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Pondicherry and South India. When it comes to living room or drawing room furnishings, India’s top choice continues to remain the classic wooden sofa. So start by searching for the type of sofa in terms of size, function, material and other considerations. Choosing the right sofa set for your living room, bedroom, or as office sofas is crucial while keeping in mind the décor needs of the space. The quality of wood must be of top notch quality if you’re planning on buying a wooden sofa. When you shop for a sofa online for a particular space, you would do well to first imagine the exact spot where the sofa would be placed. When you buy wooden sofa set models, make sure that the sofa is made of comfortable angles, provides a good backrest, and supports your posture. Well, after that, you should consider the function of the sofa when you want to buy a sofa online. We are glad to present a huge collection of the most modernize and uniquely stylized sofa set varieties for adding pleasant beauty to your drawing area. Sofa Set @ Upto 60% OFF Buy Wooden Sofa Sets Online at Low Prices in India. Based on space:• Sofa for multiple utility: If you are looking for multi utility pieces, then a sofa set that has pull out storage or box storage once you lift the cushions, would be a good option for you. 170,000.00 Rs. Select from a wide variety of wooden sofa set online at Looking Good Furniture. They give life to the room and can instantly change the mood of the room. It’s easy to find a wooden sofa online but finding the right type of sofa can be a bit troubling. With options that range from one seater, two seaters and three seaters, to wooden sofa sets that are upholstered to sets that are simply furnished with cushions, wooden sofa sets at the Urban Ladder store are made to complement any kind of simple home décor. Buying a wooden sofa is a smart choice for you to make if you have a modern home with contemporary décor. So what would be the ideal wooden sofa price for such a big ticket item? Urban Ladder Home Décor Solutions Pvt Ltd. Buying Teak Wood Sofa Set Online You can check out and buy teak wood sofa sets online, and pay for them using safe and secure payment options. Wooden Street provides you different styles of Recliners and fabric sofa that are wisely constructed and provide you comfortable sitting. 120,000.00 Sale Teak Wood Sofa Set - TSF-1501 Rs. Cheap prices Not Cheap Furniture. Get different types of sofas & couches. Teak wood, sheesham wood and rosewood are the most commonly used types of wood in the making of furniture, so you can choose one based on the colour that you want, the shade, and based on how well it goes with the rest of your room décor. Serving more than 4,250 Pin Codes via FedEx (Home Delivery), Brown Three Seater Comfy Sofa with Two Drawers, Comfortable Teak Wood Curvy Three Seater Sofa. If you’re buying a solid wooden sofa set, price set at an affordable rate, Urban Ladder is the ideal place to buy from. Wooden sofa sets online are available in both modern and traditional design. Wooden Sofa Set in Solid teak Wood Rs. We keep adding new products to our catalogue. This is the right place to begin! And what comes next? Here are a few advantages of wooden furniture, when compared to other types of sofas: Wood has wonderful lines and patterns naturally, and the finishing of most wooden sofas is just to show off that natural beauty. The craftsmanship of the sofa should be such that the sofa is made durable. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Wooden Sofa Set, Lakdi Sofa Set, Lakdi The Furniture Co Sofa Set Buy wooden sofa set online for your living room making a robust and elegant choice. Even though upholstered pieces and metal structures are attractive, wooden sofas are trendy and have a natural look. Shop sheesham wood sofa set online and easy chairs in amazing designs for living room and bedroom. Get Hand Made Wooden Sofas with Free Installation and Free delivery in Bangalore, Mumbai and Across India Extend your taste for wooden sofa with a unique and attractive collection of sofa set to enhance the … It’s highly durable and you just don’t have to worry about its longevity. We are leading supplier of Fancy Sofa Set. Based on material:• Wooden sofa set: You can choose a wooden sofa set which is comfortable and elegant at the same time. 150+ Sofa Set Designs that enhance looks of your living room?Premium Sofa Sets Priced Affordable. Sofa Set Our range of products include teakwood sofa set, solid wood sofa set, sofa, wooden sofa set, designer fabric sofa set and living room designer sofa set. Parsons Wooden Sofa - Teak Finish (Safari Brown) (Teak Finish, 1-seater Custom Set - Sofas, None Standard Set - Sofas, Fabric Sofa Material, Regular Sofa Size, Regular Sofa Type, Safari Brown), Parsons Wooden Sofa - Teak Finish (Lava) (Teak Finish, 1-seater Custom Set - Sofas, None Standard Set - Sofas, Lava, Fabric Sofa Material, Regular Sofa Size, Regular Sofa Type), Parsons Wooden Sofa - American Walnut Finish (Safari Brown) (1-seater Custom Set - Sofas, None Standard Set - Sofas, American Walnut Finish, Fabric Sofa Material, Regular Sofa Size, Regular Sofa Type, Safari Brown), Parsons Wooden Sofa - Teak Finish (Indigo Blue) (Teak Finish, 3-seater Custom Set - Sofas, None Standard Set - Sofas, Indigo Blue, Fabric Sofa Material, Regular Sofa Size, Regular Sofa Type), Parsons Wooden Sectional Sofa - Teak Finish (Indigo Blue) (None Standard Set - Sofas, Indigo Blue, Fabric Sofa Material, Regular Sofa Size, Sectional Sofa Type, Right Aligned 3 seater + Chaise Custom Set - Sofas), Parsons Wooden Sofa - Teak Finish (Olive Green) (Teak Finish, 1-seater Custom Set - Sofas, None Standard Set - Sofas, Olive Green, Fabric Sofa Material, Regular Sofa Size, Regular Sofa Type), Raymond Wooden Sofa - Teak Finish (Indigo Blue) (Teak Finish, 3-seater Custom Set - Sofas, None Standard Set - Sofas, Indigo Blue, Fabric Sofa Material, Regular Sofa Size, Regular Sofa Type), Parsons Wooden Sofa - American Walnut Finish (Olive Green) (1-seater Custom Set - Sofas, None Standard Set - Sofas, American Walnut Finish, Olive Green, Fabric Sofa Material, Regular Sofa Size, Regular Sofa Type), Parsons Wooden Sofa - Teak Finish (Vapour Grey) (1-seater Custom Set - Sofas, None Standard Set - Sofas, American Walnut Finish, Fabric Sofa Material, Regular Sofa Size, Regular Sofa Type, Vapour Grey), Parsons Wooden Sofa - American Walnut Finish (Lava) (3-seater Custom Set - Sofas, None Standard Set - Sofas, Lava, American Walnut Finish, Fabric Sofa Material, Regular Sofa Size, Regular Sofa Type). Buy Sofa Online in India at best prices from online furniture store. Ganpati Arts offers wooden sofa set for living room or sheesham sofa set online in different design & styles and get delivery to your address. • 2-seater sofa set: A 2-seater sofa would be a good to separate the living room from the dining room area, or even for a small bedroom where just want to add that extra layer. Buy sofa set online. Urban Ladder makes this easier thanks to the extensive catalogue that contains something for every budget. 10,000 online. Explore Latest Design of Sofa Set available in 1, 2, 3,4 Seater for Living Room. A sofa set is a truly regal piece of furniture for your home. Apart from durability, the sofa must also be functional and ergonomic. Sofa Set : Shop for sofa set online at best prices in India at Amazon.in. Maintaining a wooden sofa is a relatively easy task, as in most cases, you just need to wipe it down with a cloth and perhaps a cleaning product sometimes. Buy Sofa Sets online at amazing prices. Wooden sofas are considered luxuries, and can make any room look like a peaceful and pleasant area. Sofa sets could be the statement piece that defines how the rest of the drawing room looks. Since wood is already inherently strong, you can be assured about its durability and strength. The best way to figure out what you can get in your budget is exploring all available wooden sofa set with price list. Can Be Easily Cleaned With A Damp Cloth & Requires Very Little Maintenance & It Doesn’T Crack.Entire Frame, Side, Back & Front Is Made Up Of Plywood. A unique and modern look to your living room by adding living room wooden sofa sets. Buy Contemporary Wooden Sofa set online 68 WSS079 MRP Rs. Find here Wooden Sofa Set, Lakdi Sofa Set manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. This durability means that wooden sofas can be used for many years without you having to buy a new one often. Made of different colours, styles and different kinds of wood, sofa sets at the store will make a perfect addition to your living room or even your bedroom. Designing a house to look more elegant? The best part of having a fabric sofa set online is that they are durable, easy to clean and long-lasting. This will immediately point you towards the measurements and the dimensions of the sofa in terms of the layout vis a vis the layout the room. Finely crafted from the best quality teak wood, its fineness is simply out of this world. Wooden sofas look great when placed in any room, as they complement all forms of home decor. Your sofa set is the centre of attention in your living room and the perfect spot to spend time with family or entertain guests. You can choose a wooden sofa according to your taste, which suits your living space perfectly. Americas #1 furniture brand now in India. When shopping for sofa set designs online, look for the right material, colour, and size, especially because sofa set prices vary by material and design. You can view your wishlist by creating or login account. We want to ensure you are notified when we add great furniture to out catalogue. If you’re stuck wondering, ‘Where should I buy a wooden sofa set for my living room?’, then Urban Ladder is here to help you! And why should they? What’s not to love about wooden sofa set designs? Wooden Street presents you with a plethora of sofa set designs. A wooden sofa set assures a sturdy seating option and its frame is classic, elegant and sophisticated. Where can I find Sheesham Wood Sofa in India?, furniture fans might ask, looking for the best option. All you need to do is search for sofa set designs with price online and you will find an array of options that you can pick from. Check out these top wooden sofa set. Think about all these things before you go ahead and start shopping for that sofa!Now that you have tackled size and function, you can start looking for the right sofa online and buy a sofa set online with the right keywords. Buy Wooden Sofa Set Online at off UPTO 55% + Extra 20% Flat. Remember to layer the space with some bling infused cushions and you have it all tied in! Arthur Leatherette Sofa Set 3+2 In Dark Brown Thick Air Leather (Breathable Fabric) In All Parts Of The Sofa. 41,477.00 You Save 34% (Rs. Will it be for aesthetic purposes in the living room? The sofa, of course! Shopping Online for your SofaWhen you shop at Woodsala for your sofa, there are a number of options that will be given to, which can instantly make your shopping experience a complete breeze. Ergonomics plays an important part in the making of a sofa, as that is where most people spend a majority of their day. Sofa Set @ Upto 60% OFF Buy Wooden Sofa Sets Online at Low Prices in India. Our large selection of sofa … So, it is important to choose the right sofa for your space - whether it is the living room, the guest room, the bedroom or any other space where you spend time and function within your home. • 3-seater sofa set: The 3-seater sofa is usually the piece de resistance of the living room and other larger spaces while the L shaped sofa is perfect for more informal spaces like the den where you would ideally be lounging around and watching your favourite shows!3. Furniture like sofa beautifies the look of your living rooms. Buy Wooden Sofas Online, Available at Urban Ladder Buying a wooden sofa is a smart choice for you to make if you have a modern home with contemporary décor. You can even get sofa sets below Rs. Sign up now for the latest offers, sales and tips. Wooden sofas upholstered with bright coloured fabrics are a perfect choice to add to your modern décor. Here’s a quick guide!Here are the different types of Sofas based on material, size and space:1. So log on to Rainforest Italy to check on our vast collection of sofa set designs. Online Furniture Shopping - Buy Solid Wood Furniture Online, Buy Sofa Online , Buy Solid Wood Sofa Online, Buy Dining Set Online, Buy Bed Online @ insaraf.com WINTER SALE … Urban Ladder’s catalogue of latest wooden sofa designs will certainly charm the furniture lover in you. Go for a 1-1 set to add seating space to your patio, balcony or bedrooms. A sofa is where you lounge, hang out, and basically park yourself and your stuff as you prepare to relax. We provide original teak wood sofa set including single seater sofa, 3 seater sofa and 5 seater sofa. Buying the ideally designed wood furniture sofa set sets the tone for your entire living space. • Sofa for your living room: In case it is for the living room, a modern piece or an antique sofa online would be ideal, depending on the basic theme and decor of the space in question. Find modern wooden sofa set with discounts upto 55% Off at Wooden Street. Compact modern designed sofa set is constructed from the highest quality materials A L shape sofa set can often define the look and feel of the living room. Wooden sofa sets sure does add a comfortable place to your living rooms but when you buy a wooden sofa with a lot of thought, you see a better chance of your investment having value for money. Will it be placed in the den for binge watching? Give your living room a classic look with beautifully crafted wooden sofas in muted shades. In any case, a sofa is a long term investment, so choosing something that goes with the rest of your furniture - from your armchairs to your wooden tv stand - will ensure you enjoy your purchase for a long time. 120,000.00 Sale Teak Wood Sofa Set TSF-2601 Rs. It looks stylish, elegant, and timeless with its unique ability to positively uplift the décor of the home. Get notified when we add new products in these categories. When you buy your sofa online or sofa set online at Royaloak, you're assured great quality, great online offers, convenience and the best customer service. You can go for a 2- or a 3-seater wooden sofa, maybe you need a modern wooden sofa … The size, the colour, the material for the upholstery - these are all things to consider when you are choosing the sofa online for the space in question. Get Free 1 or 2 day delivery with Amazon Prime, EMI offers, Cash on Delivery on eligible purchases. Buy wooden sofa Set (सोफा सेट) Online in India Decorate your living room with the most modernly designed and high-quality wooden sofa sets made in solid Sheesham wood with us. The sofa set price would greatly vary depending on the material and the dimensions of the sofa.So, are you ready to try your hand at creating a space with the right sofa set? Buy Wooden Sofa Set Online To Enhance Your Living Room Look The Wooden Sofa Set is a vital piece of an in vogue living space. If you are wondering where the nearest wooden furniture shop near you, just google the words ‘furniture shops near me’, drive as per the instructions to our store. You can choose the sofa sets from all the sofa sets online in India. The construction of the frame of the sofa is determined by the design, so make sure you try the sofa before you buy it. 180,000.00 Rs. Individuals consider purchasing Sofa when a robust cheque hits their account allowing them to ad lib their standard of living. Pick a modern wooden sofa set for your spacious living room. Buy sofa online in India only from woodenstreet and add style to your living space. But savvy shoppers know that the best wood furniture sofa for any budget and any kind of design preference can be found only with Urban Ladder. Buy wooden sofa set online at affordable price. There is a wooden sofa price that is perfect for yours. Or will it be in the bedroom where you may need storage under it or a pull out feature that can turn it into a bed? Here are a few tricks to buy a wooden sofa for your home: The ideal wooden sofa set designs have a strong and sturdy frame, and will last for many years – even many generations! • Teakwood sofa set: You can look for a teakwood sofa set to add more style to your living room.• Walnut sofa set:Add class to your living room with this comfortable walnut sofa set.• Metal frame sofa set: You can choose a metal frame sofa setto for its unique and aesthetic design.You should know which wood would cost the most, which would probably be the teakwood sofa set or the walnut wood sofa set, since this kind of wood is not very easily available any longer and you would be paying a premium to actually buy a sofa set online. Customize your set … No longer do furniture fans need to compromise on quality and a high end look and feel just because their budget is limited. If you find yourself wondering, “Where to buy wooden sofa set?”, there are plenty of offline and online options. Explore wide range of modern leatherette, leather, designer, wooden sofas. The Right SofaWhat is the one thing that truly anchors the living room and sets the stage for your decor theme as well? 22,333.00) 5 TTG5 Free shipping* EMI Available (Click … Ltd. Lalitpur, NP 46709 Products Out of stock 7 Seater Corner Sofa Set CODE: SD … Parsons Wooden Sofa - American Walnut Finish, Parsons Wooden Sectional Sofa - Teak Finish, Parsons Wooden Sectional Sofa - American Walnut Finish, Raymond Wooden Sofa - American Walnut Finish, Get ideas, inspirations & offers in your inbox. For those who have never bought a wooden sofa set online, this might seem daunting. This gives the wooden sofa set a sturdy quality as well a long life ensuring good value for money purchase. There are many brands, such as Dolphin, Zikrak Exim, Spaces Therapy, Adorn Homez, Urban Ladder, and Allie Wood, among others, that sell wooden sofa sets online. Free Shipping in India. • Fusion of many features: You can also try your hand at some fusion style and bring in an eclectic mix of an antique 1-seater sofa with a cage lamp overhead, and a modern, straight line encased 3-seater sofa with a cool and edgy rug underneath! Everything for your home at discount prices including wooden sofa sets free delivery across many cities in India buy sofa sets online through our website. Buy Wooden Sofa Sets Online in Bangalore. Wooden Sofa is an evergreen sofa set which from the traditional days itself gives a stylish and beautiful look to your living room. But shopping with Urban Ladder is an easy experience, especially because they offer the best wooden sofa set price. 63,810.00 Rs. Solid Wooden Sofa Set With Tea Table - (SD-074) CODE: SD-074 र 360000 Out of stock Thulo Pasal Pvt. 2. The cushions of many wooden sofas are also removable, adding to the ease of maintenance. Sofas Online @Upto 60% Off Choose from a wide range of sofas online like corner sofa, 2 seater, 3 seater ,4 seater sofas at best sofa prices online at HomeTown.in Free Shipping Easy EMI Free Assembly A sturdy frame ensures that it can be used for a long time without any visible signs of wear and tear, especially if it is not coated with any paint. Remember to do a fair amount of research on the various price points offered on portals that let you buy sofa sets online. At WoodenAlley, these are further categorized in different styles, such as L-shaped corner sofas, two-seater, one-seater, sofa cum bed, and conventional three cushion sofa sets. In fact, this is the first thing you approach when you get home or enter your bedroom. Wooden sofas are a great choice, as they can provide an air of elegance to any décor. There are many factors to consider - from how you will use this sofa daily to any budgetary or design preferences you might have. Based on size:• 1-seater sofa set: A 1 seater sofa would be good for a nook or a corner where you can also layer the space with cushions, a beanbag and a shelf filled with books. You will find a wide range of wooden sofa sets, wooden couches, teakwood sofa sets, leather sofa sets, etc., that you can choose from.

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