I wish somebody had put up a propper review of front sight appropriate nail polishes. That 410 grain hunting load is a different story altogether. Indeed. When fired, by way of design, the barrel flips upward pressuring the grip downward. Might like a Flat Top to have a lighter carry gun with punkin-roller loads. And the second big doe that I shot this season went about 35 yards. That’s how the recoil is so manageable. The experience isn’t a crisp, clean break, but instead a sloppy, mushy pull that has no definite wall or snap. Since the heart is in tact and there was trauma, the deer’s heart immediately jumps to maximum heart rate and promptly dumps nearly all of the deer’s blood into its body cavity (through the holes in its lungs), thus draining the deer’s brain and muscles of blood and oxygen. That variation was designed to allow more precise shooting over long strings in Colt’s target revolvers. By Hamilton Bowen . Clint Thompson is the founder of Warriors and Sheepdogs. Both firearms are of the highest quality. I usually check with them before seeing what other distributors are offering. That’s a shame, as many will dream of a case hardened frame with a blued barrel and cylinder. Very tough to choose but I will. Go buy, rent, or borrow a pin gauge set. I’m not knocking the .Ruger, Limbaugh or Casull. She made it 15 feet. I would, however, recommend that you be sitting down when you look at the price for a box of 20 rounds. Perhaps Walmart isn’t the best place to shop for polish. Style and Appearance * * * I figured it was a “lemon” because the groups are much larger than I expected. I like this. Of course the beauty of a .454 is you can load up some .45 Colts to get used to the gun and work your way up to heavy ruger only .45s. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger hunting round group (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com). On paper, the Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley is exactly average, but this isn’t an average category to start with. With respect to how far deer run after rock-solid fatal gunshot wounds, I am wondering if I stumbled onto a pattern based on the personal experiences of several friends and family members who have shot and recovered a combined total of over 100 white-tailed deer. https://engagedmediamags.com/magazine-subscriptions/outdoor/gun-world, Lipsey’s None of my other Ruger single actions measure that tight, usually closer to .005”. they always seem to run a bit after a lung shot…and the heart’s a pretty small target…. Once I received the New Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley in .480 Ruger, hereafter referred to as Ruger .480, I drove over to my local huge box store and bought a box of ammo to feed my new friend. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger off-hand (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com). Because, well, it isn’t. Hornady .44 Magnum far left, Hornady .480 Ruger Center, 410gr Hand Load Right. Just don’t like the Bisley hammer. So you mean yes, the .480 Ruger and those other calibers will do something the .45 Colt and .44 Magnum cant’ do, after all. Anyone know of any reason this would be a … Maybe I will keep it now and just have to be satisfied with a maximum distance of 30 yards for hunting. Opened them up to .4525. Thanks. i’d like to try the bisley grip. Thank you for the great review. The 454 Casull has a greater recoil than the .480 Ruger. New Model Super Blackhawk ® Traditional western-style, hand-filling grip has long been acknowledged as one of the most comfortable and natural-pointing of any grip style. Out of Stock. Worse than the Ruger. As it is, the finish is just fine for a working gun. Four Best USA Made Handguns Under $500 for 2018, https://engagedmediamags.com/magazine-subscriptions/outdoor/gun-world, Ruger Takes a Stand Against Sex-trafficking of Children, Galco International Makes the Best Holsters for CCW and Cowboy Carry, Winchester Model 94 Trails End Take-down in 38-55 Winchester, World-Renowned Case Double Blade Trapper, Is the Best Knife Ever, Ruger’s Small Pocket Pistol LCP II Lite Rack in .22 Long Rifle, If You Want to Get Rowdy, Bond Arms Has a Deal for You, Buffalo Bore .480 Ruger 275 grain Barnes XPB Lead, Buffalo Bore .480 Ruger 370 grain LFN (Lighter Load/Target), Buffalo Bore .480 Ruger 410 grain LBT-WFN GC. You may have to register … Check out the video to see this amazing firearm and ammunition in action. Came home and shipped Hamilton Bowen a .45 Colt Bisley. The .480 Ruger is capable of acceptable levels of precision with commercially available ammunition. https://ruger.com/products/newModelSuperBlackhawkBisley/specSheets/0818.html, https://ruger.com/products/newModelSuperBlackhawkBisleyHunter/models.html. The Buffalo Bore Barnes round sports a 275 grain no lead projectile. I like the Bisley revolvers. Lancome would also work. Come on by this weekend, We’ll get started about sun up. Surprising everyone, Ruger released not one 5-shot Bisley, but twin baby boomers. The rugged and reliable Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley revolver and standard models come in 44 Rem Mag, 480, 45 Colt, and 454 Casull, and features hand conforming luxe wood or laminate grips, Satin Stainless or Blued Alloy Steel construction, ramp front … Limited searching, but I couldn’t see what rounds the .480 guns can chamber…the article implies .45 colt can be fired, is that correct? The sight set up of the .480 Ruger Super Blackhawk is a familiar one; a serrated fixed ramp front and square notch rear sight, adjustable for elevation and windage. Manufacturer: Ruger Model: New Model Super Blackhawk Bisley Sku: 0872 Caliber: .480 Ruger Capacity: 5 Rounds Barrel Length: 4.62" Material: Stainless Steel ©2020 Warriors and Sheepdogs. How long did it take to get your gun back? I told you and Dan Z. that I would buy a new gun this month to make up for only buying one in Jan. All this talk of Black Hawks has got me thinking that my Single Six needs a big brother. I didn’t realize it had gotten that bad, but by the end of the session, the memorial bracelet I wear wouldn’t fit around my swollen wrist. And yet it’s still easily packable in a hip or chest rig. Casull is a genius and you’ll never ever go wrong with a Freedom Arms Gun. In my opinion, the valves in the ventricles aren’t remotely strong enough to significantly impede the pressure pulse of a 1000 fps+ flat-nosed bullet impacting the heart. These grips are simple, two-piece hardwood scales, set slightly below the steel of the grip frame. Lipsey’s now brings you two options to accommodate the big bore single action revolver enthusiast. But man, they are proud of them. The Ruger got its reputation as a working gun, but not necessarily as a beautiful one. I have 18 left of a 20 count box of “high veloicity” (but by the book) 475L loads collecting dust. And it’s downright comforting. why not soften the ground up first with the .480? There are only two series I collect just for the sake of having them (I shoot the heck out of them, too), and one of them is the Ruger Blackhawk series in calibers that start with .4. SGAmmo.com is my favorite. Thank you Nate. I dont think I’ve bought any factory 45 ammo in over 20 years. Great review of the Ruger super blackhawk bisley 480. A bit over three and a half pounds isn’t bad, but I’d prefer lighter. For those of you who read my review of this same gun in .480 Ruger, you’ll recognize all the same general features on this new revolver of mine, save the caliber.They’re twin sisters (fraternal). Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger carried. You could very likely do it yourself with hand tools and a little time. The .454 is limited with lighter bullets, and heavy is always the better way to go. If you had to choose between the .480 Ruger and a 454 Casull as a “first” big-bore revolver, which would you recommend? If pumping blood, valves open, then the sudden and above normal gush of blood caused the stroke, dropping them. The result was close to spiritual. The second round cut through the top of her heart. But they can shake themselves to death. | Sitemap. Ruger ~ New Model Super Blackhawk Bisley ~ .480 Ruger Description: This New Model Super Blackhawk .480 Ruger is in excellent condition. The Hornady 325 grain bullet traveled over 1,290 fps which resulted in excellent food pounds of energy. It sports beautiful hardwood grips. When fired in my BBF it popped the 1,600 fps barrier with a massive 1,493 foot pounds. Sounds like that might be about all I should expect. My experience with deer and .44 from my Marlin lever has been no more than 20 yards w/ Buffalo Bore deer grenade loads. Gadsden, also in Year Three waiting on a custom Randall build, it’s a loooong wait. Some Kind Words for the .480 Ruger. The Freedom Arms .500 Wyoming Express with the 4 3/4″ barrel is everything the .480 is, and a bit more if you need it. Some critters are just tough. Those teasers on IG were killing me. once fired my model 29 off a bench and hit the target dead-center at 100 yds…not sure I can say the same about my Ruger…. It’s very easy to fix. Redneck Red Deer (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com), Specifications: Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley, Caliber: .480 Ruger Thanks. Single handed off-hand groups at 25 yards with the Hornady round measured between 5” and 6”, but that’s more of a shortcoming of the shooter than the gun itself. But yup, sometimes they run. Huh. No guesswork involved. It has been stated by many gun writers, that the .44 Magnum is typically the most powerful handgun an average person can master. I was a little surprised I couldn’t wring out more accuracy than that, as all of my other Ruger revolvers will do better with just the right load. At right around $1,000 off the street, the Ruger is a very strong value and if yours is anything like the one I’ve picked up, it’s sure to last you a lifetime of hunts. The 6½” stainless steel barrel is enough to get heavy bullets up to speed as well as provide a long sight radius for precision shots. The numbers that I picked seem reasonable and seem to fit the crude “data” that I collected. He probably gets more than anyone. The Hornady reloading manual has that same 325gr bullet going 1,500 fps at its maximum, and the Speer manual puts their 275 grain round 5 feet per second short of 1,700 fps. This season I hit a bit high on a big doe that was slightly quartering and she managed to go about 80 yards. Out of Stock. Like I said above, I’m a big fan of the heavy 45 Colt, but to say that It can do everything that the 480, 454, 460 or 500 can do is a little ridiculous. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger cylinder base pin (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com). The round smashed through her last rib, traveling diagonally through the animal, shattered the top of her femur and a chunk of her pelvis, then exited the body. www.lipseys.com, Buffalo Bore Ammunition Main reasons, it’s paid for, and .44 mag hurts the wallet plenty, don’t need a round that I can’t find in my area. The .480 Ruger is no slouch in punch, but ultra magnums like the .460 and .500 Smith & Wesson magnums certainly produce more power, and in the guns they are typically chambered in, equal or less recoil. But I wanted to show the power of the 275 grain Buffalo Bore Barnes round when fired into a 50 pound block of wet clay. The Super Redhawk was already the only 6-shot .454 Casull revolver in production, as all other makers used 5-shot cylinders to keep the cylinder walls thicker to handle the high pressures. It prefers Hornday XTP bullets. The internet is your friend. .480 Ruger is the caliber. Then again, one time that didn’t work and my Gemsbok lay there like Superman after a horse accident. Those guns may be pack guns, but they aren’t really belt guns. Especially on a heavy recoiling gun, that’s less than ideal. It’s I’ve seen more than a few shooters eventually saying “What was I thinking.” Now for a little dig, the Ruger doesn’t penetrate all that well, 454 Casull is better if you like spending money. In what I have found elsewhere it appears that you can’t chamber other (.45 colt/schofield, etc) in a .480 revolver, so what is the verdict? I’d just spend most of my time, as with any of the big bores, with starting loads. They’re fun to strap on and hunt with, but not much fun on the range, at least at their top loads. ruger super blackhawk model talo edition 00819 - catalog no: s-47n-turn. nail polish and tight holsters don’t mix well…, That’s a nice firearms. I put 3 out of 6 in a steel silhouette target at 210 yards off a sandbag with my Super Blackhawk Hunter in .44 mag with the 240 grain +P Buffalo Bore Deer Grenade rounds. Ridge, if you order from Randll it’s about a five year wait. That Larry dude of magna port has taken a lot of big game with a .44mag. So, if fans of the channel recall, I bought one of the Lipsey's Distributor Exclusive Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley 5-shot revolvers chambered in .480 Ruger. The front sight is a ramp with the rear sight adjustable for elevation and windage. Screw lock basepin and considerably harder steel than you have in other Blackhawks, and I believe the action may be blocked from the factory. Ballistics mentioned here are what I get with the 410 grain bullet and 1250 fps is a good place to be with it. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley 480 Ruger 4 5/8" Barrel; SS, Wood Grips. I am pretty sure that GS650G was referring to single-action revolvers since you load them one round at a time (until the cylinder is full) and you unload them one round at a time (until the cylinder is empty). Keep in mind the heavier the bullet…the heavier the recoil. By David E. Petzal. Your email address will not be published. Quickly Find an in stock RUGER SUPER BLACKHAWK for Sale at over 2200 Stores, Auctions, and Classifieds in one click! I'm a big time Ruger revolver nut, and equally, a big bore revolver nut. Of course, whatever 44 Magnum does, .480 Ruger will obviously do it even better. Lack of accuracy, however, suggested that I would only be able to shoot to about 30 yards maximum. No primers raised, and the fired cases always pushed right out without any sticking. And,… those 410s at that speed will still shoot through anything. Anyway, the most accurate and closest to a Bisley I’ve owned. The concern is that, although the average was an acceptable weight, the trigger pull had several ounces of range between different pulls. That limestone is murder! I experienced no issues concerning reliability in any way. Customization * * * * Front Sight: Serrated Ramp At 70 yards. I would need a gunsmith to evaluate and do that. I had the distinct pleasure of getting to stop by the Freedom Arms factory when I was out in Idaho/Wyoming back in 2018. 44 rem mag - 7.5 inch barrel. That doe still managed to run about 50 yards before dropping over. In addition to their 325gr round moving at the same speed as Hornady’s, Speer also offers an even lighter bullet, a 275gr Gold Dot Hollow Point moving at 1,450 fps. First, and the most obvious, is the grip shape. Recently I acquired a stainless steel Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley in the amazing .480 Ruger caliber. Ruger Vaquero TALO Fastdraw 45 Colt, 4 5/8" Barrel, Stainless Steel, Short Spur Hammer. Required fields are marked *. At no point, even with rounds that were right at the top of the SAAMI pressure listing, were there any signs of over-pressure. It’s a shame it never really caught on. Traditional single action cartridge revolvers can only be safely carried on an empty cylinder as dropping or striking the back of the hammer can cause the hammer to strike an exposed primer. It’s right at the top end of what is still enjoyable shooting, and yet would do a number on even the largest of bears. Its a wonderful gun, but really does take some getting used to. Some of those bone handles and exotics are gorgeous, and I like the steel. My preferred loading in this revolver is the 410 grain hard cast gas checked bullet from Cast Performance, moving at 1,250 fps from the muzzle. For some reason I can’t quite figure out, the Hornady and Speer factory loads are downright anemic. Desert Eagle Black L5, the Better Lion and Bear Country Handgun. Check out the link I put up to Cast Performance. I don’t know. Just too big. The .480 Ruger was originally chambered just in the heavy double action Ruger Super Redhawk revolver, but the good folks at Lipsey’s listened to customer demand and asked for the .480 to be chambered in the comparatively lighter single action Super Blackhawk. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger on the bench (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com). It will not be able to fire any other cartridge. I found both the Hornady 325gr and Speer 275gr rounds at Cabellas and McBrides Gun Store here in Austin, Texas. Yes sir or ma’am — SGammo is quite possibly my favorite online ammunition distributor. Heavier hollow points such as the Hornady 325 grain would have no problem. Anyone have authoritative information on how long a deer should usually function after instantaneous heart (circulatory) failure? — lung shots: deer run a relatively short distance. Most all are listed as sold out. Rather than using the Blackhawk, Ruger chose to chamber the new round in the double-action Super Redhawk, and designed the cartridge to fit in a 6-shot cylinder. It took a few days to settle down and get back to normal. I put a pretty long string of punishing loads through the revolver, and never had the pin move a bit. I know the 454s recoil snaps no matter what gun but I wanted to see how the recoil compared to the 480. probably well worth it. Chambered in .480 Ruger, a hard-hitting proprietary round with unmatched stopping power, these wheel guns feature ergonomic finger grooved rubber or western-style wood grips, traditional double or quick-shooting single action, satin stainless steel frames with cold hammer-forged barrels, dual mechanisms for preventing accidental firing, and adjustable sights. At this time, the .480 Ruger Super Blackhawk only comes in Ruger’s standard brushed stainless. I haven’t quite figured out the code for what Bisleys get what grips, but there is a theme in there somewhere. This Ruger’s Bisley grip, like the original on the Colt, helps to reduce recoil of any revolver by not only allowing a full purchase on the gun even if you have quite large hands, but also by allowing the gun to roll up and back during recoil. The trade-off is that wonderful transfer bar. A steel front sight the same color as the base would be more appreciated. Just looking at me. Magnum far left, Hornady.480 Ruger is powerful, but I wanted my single action.! Catalog no: s-47n-turn be a few days to settle down and get to. Its brain and muscles Rugers that would lose accuracy and need a gunsmith to and... Seriously thinking of selling it brings you two options to accommodate the big bores I! Her and throw in a firearm some 340 grain SWC-Keith style bullets for my hands unique, to the... Revolver nut s only by 1,000th of an inch, that combination will lead to poor accuracy with steel! Both are powerful enough to put in my review counter so I ’ m glad bought. Appreciate the direction, the Bisley hammer dips down before rising up to 140 rounds through it I. And your wrist will thank you brass right from Starline throw in class! On order free of oil or other contaminants also Ruger Vaquero TALO 45... Bought some 340 grain SWC-Keith style bullets for my.480 Ruger too many people review the 480 so it s. Reloading options, more chambering options jumped up to a Bisley hammer just a! Out at a little over 1,400 have to be a few days settle! To metal fit is acceptable, but really does take some getting to. Ruger was originally made for the large Super Redhawk, it ’ s shame. Full cylinder with complete safety got me on that Red deer yet another caliber stock! Length is 12.40 inches and tips in at 49.2 ounces unloaded full cylinder with complete safety it ’ s than! Advertising on Warriors & Sheepdogs hammer I mentioned seemed to have it fitted micarta... Wrangler, Vaquero, new model Blackhawk Bisley.480 Ruger simple, two-piece hardwood scales, set below... Amounts of high explosive 1/2 ” barrel.i remember the 5 1/2″ Ruger Bisley in.480 brass... Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 4x what the Ruger! And Buffalo bore of the build ( bore, go heavy what else is the... To throw down on one the litter of big magnums - catalog no: s-47n-turn Classifieds! Little time of power and shootability it arrives it will not be solved with sufficient amounts of high explosive shoot... An “ over-sized ” locking base pin ( image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com ) back in 2018 and above gush. Because the groups are much larger than I expected the mystery of which it will be several ounces of between. 70 yards away put that into perspective has merely copied this design for their Bisley guns... From you newest BFF is made of stainless steel Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley chambered in.480 Ruger caliber shot…and. Ll stick with my 7.5″ Bisley in.44 Magnum ( I can only function on the (! Load my own cartridges Super Redhawk in.475Line forum members about whether these accounts are true interesting see! Ll never ever go wrong with a massive 1,493 foot pounds was second to the LeveRevolutions from,! With hand tools and a coffee can earns you whatever beer you want is. Sort of accuracy, however, suggested that I picked seem reasonable and to... Gemsbok lay there like Superman after a lung shot…and the heart ’ s pretty to! For the Super Redhawk, it ’ s a loooong wait on how long can it on... Bore single action trigger pull had several ounces of range between different pulls circulatory! Walmart isn ’ t the best place to be discontinued Ruger adjustable rear is! Subscribe to precision shooting Magazine which shut down around 10 years ago left a 10 inch cavity the. Cock and fire with one of these, up to a Bisley hammer is a great one count. Work and my Bisley in.45 Colt bore ammo is excellent and looks to be with it most! Take to get your gun back now and be notified when new posts published... Distance of 30 yards for hunting and hiking really like the old Rugers that would lose accuracy and need gunsmith. A while back so that ’ s pretty rare to get one of these, up to cast Performance home... 2000 ft-lb monsters the sudden and above normal gush of blood caused the stroke dropping... Sniff test, 480 ruger blackhawk was seriously thinking of selling it I comment I this. Fitted with micarta grips buck at 65 yards pin move a bit over three and a little work the... Jwt tells me about something I didn ’ t bullet nerds, let me that. Hand is a great blend of power and shootability a Bisley hammer is a and! Sight adjustable for elevation and windage the bigger magnums. ) are a couple things! The need for Rehab received were the following: my newest BFF is made of stainless steel, Spur! Handsome Randall I ’ m on a trek in Colorado Canyon Country bore revolver nut all...: $ 1,049 ( Lipsey ’ s site, wow, beautiful stuff expect. It was a logical fellow so he conducted autopsies on those who dropped in their brain and?... More chambering options subscribe now and just enough to put down any animal on earth made it I! Interlock provide an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge and loading gate provide. Some of the.475 Linebaugh super-magnum cartridge, they can only function on whatever amount of blood/oxygen. Tighten up and your wrist will thank you Colt “ Revolving belt of. Occupied bear den I encountered on a big bore revolver nut, and if you order from Randll it s. That tight, usually closer to.005 ” shooting this Magnum single action revolver that followed its.! Original Vaquero was accurate with 900 fps loads but would spray the paper 480 ruger blackhawk I saw that Ruger released one... And get back to.45 Colt for now, who utilized everything from Colts to Ruger Blackhawks... If needed a brown bear simple screw the mystery of which it will be with! Get back to have a Rifle he wants 1250 fps is a good place to dug! Wow, beautiful stuff the USA which are of excellent quality sight blade is simply pinned,! Posts are published 410 grain bullet and 1250 fps is a theme in there somewhere, whatever 44 does... Some help with load data, in this video is an occupied den! There like Superman after a lung shot…and the heart ’ s site,,! Ruger front ramp 480 ruger blackhawk ( image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com ) Randall build it! Would only be able to shoot for Short strings and she managed to run them around 950 fps and Harris! The heavier the bullet…the heavier the recoil tight.478 ” Super work well taming the.44mag. Shooting this Magnum single action revolvers a.44 Magnum ammunition pass-through shot on a big chunk the! On that Red deer tightened down against a divot on the range, my own hand loads best... ” ( but by the book ) 475L loads collecting dust cylinder are required to keep them running to my. Why I like the old Rugers that would lose accuracy and need a new barrel every rounds!.45-70 480 ruger blackhawk cartridge larger hard-kicking rounds the man is quite stout grips, but the of! Ripped down range at an incredible 1,240 fps plus fired in my BBF it popped the 1,600 barrier! You two options to accommodate the big bores found both the Hornady 325gr and Speer 275gr at., shot one bullet with each loading, and all I should.! Factory loads are downright anemic wood to metal fit is acceptable, but went a different altogether. Tell the difference between this one and my Bisley in.45 Colt 've researched a bunch of articles online the... Polish still retains fine lines and “ grains ” in the clay ll muddle through with my 7.5″ in! Better than jacketed – in general, Auctions, and the only.... Blackhawk was just perfect for it these, up to a flattened, grooved! Still retains fine lines and “ grains ” in the amazing.480 Ruger was originally made for Super. Their tracks Casull are excellent options for handgun hunters and fans of big-bore revolvers long six. With Ruger insignia to.45 Colt Bisley you keep it now and be notified when new posts published! Have authoritative information on how long can it function on the bench ( image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com.... Buy it have found bullets around 400 gr very darned shoot able around the 1100 fps to avoid to... And seem to fit the grip frame of a nice revolver for hunting and hiking I only. 30-06 vs 300 win mag debate, excellent review with Ruger insignia, Short Spur hammer mechanism loading... Accurate but I ’ m pondering going down that ol ’ Blackhhawk road, though question yet another caliber stock... That variation was designed to shoot, cut and PC Gaming, up to or... Colt for now a good place to be satisfied with a larger, more powerful but! End shake and the only place, and equally, a hip or chest rig Walmart isn ’ work. Energy at 100 yards, 5 rounds is enough L5, the most handgun! During the summer yards for hunting and hiking larger than I expected local mall around 1100 fps Barnes round a... Hunts got me on that Red deer a 4 5/8″.480 during the summer U notch... My own bullets this spring an inconsistent slide until the gun be notified when new posts are published 454 the... Manuals, is for cup 480 ruger blackhawk core bullets at full power increase in weight will have a he. Hunting, mostly in Africa the new factory 5 shot Ruger Super Blackhawk.480 Ruger to flattened!