A great trick is to use chicken stock while preparing ground beef for hamburgers. When I get two or three, I make my stock. It can be stored in the … Use it in ramen. Stir in bread cubes and chicken stock, pour into a casserole dish, and bake for 30-40 minutes at 350 degrees. Notice how the sauce is a variation on the classic velouté described earlier. Fish is a delicate commodity so fish stock is only simmered for 20 minutes. Try this super-easy polenta recipe from Foodnetwork.com, substituting stock for water. The cooking liquid for ham can be a very useful ingredient, but always make sure you taste the liquid first as sometimes it can be too salty for cooking. Once thickened (about five minutes), add salt and pepper to taste, remove from heat, and serve. Similarly, Western stocks would use herbs and other vegetables depending upon the type of stock. Substitute the one cup of chicken broth for chicken stock for a creamier consistency. Beef, mutton and pork broths are made by slowly simmering meat (do not remove gristle - it contains collagen) with vegetables and flavourings. Add salt and pepper to taste. However, Wikipedia tells me that I’m wrong, and that there are actually five types of this mollusk-laden dish. In 1974, James Beard wrote emphatically that stock, broth, and bouillon "are all the same thing". Chicken and rice casserole is the quintessential American meal for a large family. I have actually been making versions of this as a sauce and a soup base for years and have just recently learned the name. Basically chuck in all the bits you aren't going to eat.) If bones are used in stock they may be roasted and cracked before simmering. Add in the cheese, and you’re ready for anything. 1. I'm going to try this later. Roasted Poultry Stock. As such, while it can be used to boil beans, braise meats, make a pan sauce, or poach some fish, it isn’t particularly useful if you’re looking for clean flavors and a clear appearance, as with chicken noodle soup or ramen. Classification of Stock 3. Fumet: A highly flavored stock made with fish bones. More specifically, it is usually Arborio rice (although there are a few more-expensive varieties you can use), into which you stir large quantities of stock to coax out the rice's starch. You can imitate stock by simmering canned broth with carrots, onion, celery, and spices such as dried parsley, a bay leaf, and pepper. 3. Once done, you can try any number of variations, including adding white wine, pureed tomatoes, or vinegar to suit your taste. Do not set the hot stock in the walk-in or, worse yet, the reach-in. I like the idea with the white rice. Stir frequently; add shallots after 20 minutes, and continue stirring. Or strain off vegetables and use liquid for soups, braising vegetables, cooking pulses and … It’s light, airy, and just the perfect prologue to a filling meal to come. (See also: 25 Things to Do With Rotisserie Chicken). Stocks are the perfect complementary companion to the kitchen. However, milk and various other liquid mediums are strictly regional. Thanks for catching that, Guest! Gazpacho, love it:) We just put up a recipe for chicken broth in a dutch oven. If you must, avoid the main brands (Swansons and Campbell's, sorry); try to find low-salt brands in the health-food aisle of the market, or in a health food store. I can't tell you how many cartons of chicken stock I go through in a week. In case of boiling of stocks these impurities would roll boil into the liquid, thereby creating a stock which is not clear and hence, termed as cloudy. Making velouté begins with a basic roux (flour and butter), which you then thicken with stock. Even if the traditional recipe doesn’t call for stock, however, you can almost always switch stock in for another ingredient. I have 5-6 quarts of it in the freezer, and I seldom find a recipe that uses more than a cup or two. Plagiarism Prevention 4. discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Fish food community. Brown stocks are used for making demi-glace and its derivatives, such as bordelaise and sauce Robert. Most commonly, it is used to make soups and sauces; but the usage is not just limited to this. Hot and sour soup is a trusted companion to all Chinese main dishes. This is a given, right? Read the Uses for fish stock? Many cooks and food writers use the terms broth and stock interchangeably. Hot stock with a few veggies and alphabet pasta is great after school warm-up. These uses for chicken stock were simply too wonderful to leave out, but they don't fit into any well-defined category. Slow-Cooked Chicken with Baby Potatoes A great one-dish meal: chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, escarole, and roasted red peppers simmered in a savory mixture of white wine and our Ready-to-Use Chicken Stock, with a whiff of tarragon.