(which I would sell mine for!). Hardly any silver worn off, very clean in that way, but it does need a complete cleaning. 26. The chart was researched by Felix Jungschlaeger, and contains not only the serial numbers and year of production, but also some key points about the company, and information about the horns that the Frank Holton Co. produced. Vintage Frank Holton C Melody Saxophone Brushed Silver. Share. £18.72 postage. I have the exact same horn and I would put it at $125. Serial number 25743. Holton serial #s are quite a mystery, but using a little extrapolation, my numbers can help, assuming Holton sax production was minimal in 1919 and gradually maxed by 1929. so we believe item is from the early 1920s. Valves do not stick. Share. Sax has 2 minor dings and … Related: 001-4 Holton Frank Trumpet Late (34.3% similar) Very nice vintage instrument. Case is included. Satin silver with bright silver keys. Wisconsin in 1925. C-Melody saxophones are pitched between alto and tenor, in the key of C. These types of saxophones were popular in the 20s/30s, for their ease at a party! The cork shows some … This is a C- Melody instrument. Holton alto sax. Find great deals and sell your items for free. The Vintage Saxophone Gallery - SaxPics.com Presented by USA Horn. Apr 11, 2019 - Explore Nic Slager's board "Saxophones", followed by 179 people on Pinterest. Share. PHP 57,512.94. 12 watching. It is a C Melody which does not have the value of the others. I'd prefer to see photos of it, but I would hazard a guess that you would be able to get between $300 and $500 if it's in good playing condition and is as pristine as you describe. 700: 1917 'In 1917, Holton had completed tooling for a complete line of saxophones, in order to meet with the saxophone craze that was just beginning“. It has a scent of an instrument repair shop. New and used Saxophones for sale in Miami, Florida on Facebook Marketplace. Rudy Wiedoeft (the king of the saxophones in the 20's - 30's, popular music) played a Holton and worked for Frank Holton Company as well. Sold as is. Serial number is 11457 LP. See more ideas about saxophone, sax, saxaphone. You are bidding on a Frank Holton C Melody Low Pitch saxophone made in Elkhorn. Thank you . - at least that's how I understand it ? The C-Melody is an obsolete instrument and so there is not significant demand. A vintage 1914 Frank Holton C-Melody saxophone. Saved by John Asendorf. … This offering is for a Silver-plated Frank Holton C-Melody (LP) saxophone, BODY ONLY, PARTS ONLY!From the photos, you can see that many of the original parts and pads are included, there is -0- case.G...from 144642167 etc. Since Holton was primarily a brass instrument maker, they still could have easily built 20,000 saxophones between the documented 1924 C … PHP 6,908.46 shipping. Unfortunately, these horns have questionable intonation at best, odd keywork and tinny sound. Source: eBay.com. Condition: Good. Share. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab Used Holton Shaperd Crook Cornet.with case. Nice case too which is worth about $75+ alone. $ 600.00 +$50.43 shipping: Buy it Now. Marked as made by Frank Holton out of Elkhorn Wisconsin. The original business was a used instrument shop owned by Frank Holton, a trombone player, in Chicago, Illinois, started in 1898.The firm built brass instruments for ten years in Chicago, then in Elkhorn, Wisconsin from 1918 until 2008, when production of Holton … Hi, I would like to sell this Frank Holyon saxophone as well and I am wondering if you can help me with some more details - like age and what it is worth? I'm not a musician, but I will do my best to answer your questions. Altsaxophon Frank Holton versilbert mit Originalkoffer. 1923 Holton Tenor Saxophone repadded. The instrument was manufactured in Elkhorn, Wisconsin and has the serial number 12125 LP. A fancy goldplated Holton "Rudy Wiedoeft model" sax … or Best Offer . Some general wear, in at least good condition. I have heard that the Holton Cs are good ones so if you need a C Melody, it may be worth the repair costs. Any Adolphe Sax instrument sold after this date was most likely already made or assemble from pre-existing parts. Comes with original mouthpiece and original hardshell case. Alleged Conn Stencils: If Alto, C Melody, or Tenor saxes has been reported as a "Conn stencil," check to see whether the protector over the low C pad has a "Mercedes-shaped" design. I’m interested in selling but am having … They were … FOR SALE! Case shows wear also, but is in … 'Revelation‘ alto SN # 28199; order … Vintage Buescher C-Melody saxophone. “Frank Holton was a professional trombonist with the famous Sousa band and associate of the leading musicians of the late 19th century. Vintage Frank Holton C-Melody saxophone in original Frank Holton case. This saxophone … Saxophones Horns Jazz Art Deco American Projects Instruments Music Antlers. £452.06. Discover (and save!) The Holton from the 10´s and 20's has hard soldered toneholes. The sax has mother of pearl finger pads and the mouthpiece is marked HOLTON if you have any questions, please ask prior to bidding. I purchased C melody saxophone for my son’s first instrument. answer #2. Cork looks good. It's serial number is 20436. £226.03 postage. Holton 241 Tenor Saxophone Ser#237383 Plays but Needs Some Adjustments. He was a business manager and trombone soloist; a theatre musician and entrepreneur. Circa 1926. The Frank Holton Company of Elkhorn, Wisconsin is one of the earliest saxophone makers, with the Rudy Wiedoeft model being the most famous model that they produced (the Elkhorn being one of the more infamous). The C melody was part of the series of saxophones pitched in C and F intended by the instrument's inventor, Adolphe Sax… Antique Ca.1920 Vintage Frank Holton Melody C Saxophone Case Mouthpiece +extra: Used. This offering is for a Silver-plated Frank Holton C-Melody (LP) saxophone, BODY ONLY, PARTS ONLY!From the photos, you can see that many of the original parts and pads are included, there is -0- case.G...from 144642167 If you own a Holton saxophone… Holton company copied Evette-Scahffer "Apogee" key system from 1908. Full Disclosure. For example, the record shows that all of the recorded Adolphe Sax … Share. US Seller. For repair and repaddingDent in low bowCase included 273589526084 (Not to be confused with the more common 'C-Melody / Low Pitch' saxophones you will see, this is an 'Eb / Alto' saxophone) I've been selling horns … £1,130.16. Frank Holton trumpet, late 1926: original case, with … Also be aware that the serial numbers below weren't just for C-Melody saxes, each instrument produced was assigned a sequential unique number, so (for example) in Jan-1924, 60993 could have been a Tenor Sax, 60994 a C-Mel, 60995 a Soprano, etc. Vintage C-Melody saxophone. Needs to be re-padded. Spatula front F, later discontinuing this feature. In the UK it is sometimes referred to as a "C tenor", and in France as a "tenor en ut". Since your sax is a C-Melody its value is limited. holton. 11 watching. Frank Holton C Melody Elkhorn 1925 Saxophone with case.