While saving the post chief, the Ghost and the culprit ultimately got away. Boruto appears to be influenced by the famous movie character, Kagemasa, as he mimics the hero's attitude while wearing a replica of the character's visor. Knowing that the movie star would dodge, Boruto disguised himself as one of the shuriken, letting him get close enough to knock out Kagemasa, purging the Ghost. The following day, various creepy messages are left for Sumire. Later, Kawaki gave up trying to fix the vase leading to Boruto yelling at him. Later, when Boruto's recklessness caused some property damage, Shino decided to have Boruto and other students help repair to the Hokage Rock. Later, the class met Mei Terumī and Chōjūrō, who welcomed them to their village. Boruto using the Wind Release: Gale Palm. Also, Boruto can produce a dimensional portal to other realms. On the other side, they met Boro, who was guarding a pot with Naruto sealed inside. Delta is part of the organization called the Kara (Founded by Isshiki Otsusuki.). That night, the majority of the village's shinobi left the village in an attempt to corner Urashiki. During which, Orochimaru destroyed the God Tree and defeated Victor. As Magire began to apologise for his actions, he fainted which was the result of severe chakra drain caused from his possession. Convinced that they would still prove Kakashi wrong, the group realised the true nature of the test. The next day, Boruto and Kawaki began getting on the other's nerves, soon coming to blows which eventually activated their Kāma. He is the vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki. Also in the anime, the snakes of Ryūchi Cave note Boruto has the potential for senjutsu, having passed trials that proved his strength of body and could handle natural energy. Sometime later, Boruto realised that his eye's power had seemingly disappeared completely. Hanabi then approached him, seeing how down he was. He felt responsible for Mitsuki's injury, and envied how powerful and experienced Kakashi was at his age. With their mission technically completed, the Konoha-nin decided to return to the Konohagakure. Before leaving, Boruto informs Sumire that Nue had survived. Boruto's hairstyle resembles a leaf, his ahoge (アホ毛, literally meaning: foolish hair) serving as the stem. Boruto however admitted that he never really considered what he wanted. Thinking Shikadai is an enemy, they fought until Shikadai released the genjutsu. Realising that his teammates abandoned their B-rank mission to help him, Boruto apologised to them as the mark receded back into his palm and the pain stopped. Naruto told Boruto to take Himawari and run but before this could happen, Delta arrived before them. Main article: One-Tail Escort Arc Being barraged by their Jutsu Bullets, Boruto used his sphere to absorb the attacks. There, Ōnoki justified his plan to replace shinobi with Akuta, but Boruto rejected his envision. Learning that Shikadai believed the Ninjutsu Research Centre is the Byakuya Gang's real target, the four hurried to the building, where they discovered the thieves had stolen Katasuke's Magnum Opus. Afterwards, Kagura talks to Boruto and his classmates about the history of the "Bloody Mist Village" and the Fourth Mizukage, before Tsurushi Hachiya's group approaches them. While Boruto apologised for being a bad influence, his friends strongly insisted that Kakashi was wrong; that Boruto has helped them all come so far despite their own personal problems. However, admitting that Himawari did achieve such a feat prior, they decided to talk to Hiashi about this. Learning about her village being plagued by a memory stealing spirit that her ancestor sealed away at the cost of her descendants being cursed, the pair were also informed that a special marriage ritual was needed to restore the weakened seal. After leaving Sekki, Ōnoki again talked about the true nobleness of his goals, saying he wants to save lives. He is then approached by Sasuke, who invited Boruto to rescue his father. After defeating Momoshiki, Boruto's right hand was forcibly marked with a four-point black diamond seal. He is the young brother of Itachi Uchiha. For these reasons, Boruto has a high opinion of himself and freely brags about his abilities. Tenten is a fierce ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 9. Looking for Naruto, Sasuke leaves. While the kids checked on the Hokage, Boro composed himself enough to attack, striking down Mitsuki. Annoyed, Boruto decided to go home despite Mitsuki's observation that they could still catch up to Naruto. They were intercepted by another one of the gate attacks, Sekiei, who noted that Mitsuki was with them willingly. Unknowingly venturing in the Sanzu Plains, the two became trapped until being joined by Sekki, who assisted the pair in escaping. As a genin, he learned Water Release,[29] which he could use to perform techniques such as Water Release: Splash Bullet (水遁・飛沫弾, Suiton: Himatsudan). Being prevented to engage Urashiki by Gaara, the Kazekage managed to temporally seal the Ōtsutsuki who was targeting Shukaku for its chakra. Returning to the village along, he encountered his relative Neji Hyūga, who cheered Boruto up after talking about Naruto's struggles. Boruto noticed that Himawari's personal vase was broken and learned Kawaki was responsible, leading to him angrily confronting him. Afterwards, the Kage informed the genin what the hardest stone was. Hanabi began mocking Boruto into revealing his speculated Byakugan. Following Boruto's plan, Sarada launched a shuriken assault on Kagemasa. Boruto insists that to treat the recent incident as a children's fight, leading to Chōjūrō allowing the two students accompanying him in stopping the swordsmen. The following day, Boruto, along with Inojin and Shikadai found Metal Lee, who was acting unusually aggressive. Mitsuki then revealed he knew who the culprit was. In a last ditch effort, Tsukiyo grabbed Kokuri and dragged the man with him off the ledge and into the ocean. Urashiki deliberately held back on Naruto, hoping to anger him enough into unleashing the Nine-Tails' chakra. While Naruto refused, Sasuke conceded to his request. While they began making progress, completing the task still proved difficult. According to Sarada, his eyes are bluer than Naruto's. Despite loving his little sister, Boruto is terrified of her and promised himself he would never upset her again. Before the fight could escalate further, Naruto stopped them. [23] Boruto later learned to create a small Rasengan between both hands under Konohamaru Sarutobi's guidance and afterwards increased it to a normal size using a single hand, later even learning to compress it for greater power. As Kawaki joined in the assault, weathering Boro's counter assault against the tiring children, Sarada finally made her move. Pursued by Ashimaru, the genin engaged the missing-nin and defeated him using Boruto Stream with Mitsuki and Sarada. Accepting the fact that his methods of trying to make Sumire like him were in poor taste, the Ghost was rejected from Magire. After noting his goal of evolving his Rasengan, Sasuke noted he was not properly equipped for such a goal. As the day ended and little progress was made, Shikadai and Boruto began discussing the unique nature of Deepa's power, as it was all about the arrangement and pressure of carbon molecules. Awakening, the group decided to venture Iwagakure and seek the help of Ōnoki. Informing the elderly man of their goal to find Mitsuki, Ōnoki's attitude turned dark and turned them away. Boruto was determined to trust Sarada and move forward with the plan. However, Katasuke arrives to lend assistance and attacks Momoshiki with the Kote, only to inadvertently rejuvenate him and allow him to capture the Kage. Boruto was able to detain him, leading to Konohamaru disguising himself as the missing-nin. Upon arriving at her mansion, they were surprised to see Remon preparing for a ceremony, and was uncharacteristically demanded to never see her again. Although Boruto loves his father and is overjoyed when they spend time together, their relationship has been strained ever since Naruto became the Seventh Hokage. Before entering the Academy, Boruto could create multiple shadow clones,[21] able to coordinate his attacks with his clones to perform chūnin, if not jōnin-level manoeuvres. When learning Suigetsu and Karin were looking for Jūgo, the genin explained that Jūgo was apprehended by the researchers. [8] Despite this, Sai noted Boruto had the potential to use Super Beast Scroll due to his passion for drawing. [5] Conversely, Boruto's upbringing has also been different than that of his father's: Boruto's family is always there for him, and he likewise has many friends, and his acquisitions came easily and naturally to him from a combination of prodigious talents[1] and nurturing parents. Inside, Boruto began looking for Sumire, only to be attacked by Nue. This led everyone, including Boruto to sadly conclude that he in fact did not awaken his Byakugan. Now, they get the opportunity to bond with their kids while watching the Boruto anime series. Soon afterwards, Boruto and Sasuke bumped into Naruto and Jiraiya. Shortly later, the pair are confronted by a Byakuya Gang member who was being pursued by Temari. Boruto and Sarada decided to investigate. Main article: Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc. He is a jiraiya based clone and was created from cells and by Amado. While initially only wanting to know about his father's past so as to surpass his father, Boruto becomes genuinely curious about Naruto's history, as he asks his father about his past, particularly about how he has come to become one of the strongest shinobi ever to live, despite being seemingly utterly hopeless in everything else. He felt in achieving success as the main point of anything, even taking insincere shortcuts to do so, such as utilising a cheat program to win a video game easily, or using the Kote to create a façade of performing advanced techniques to earn his right to be Sasuke's disciple, and later swiftly resorting to the same device to defeat opponents once they seem to have an upper hand. Knowing that Boruto still couldn't activate it at will, Kawaki activated his own so Boruto's would respond in kind. When Boruto was amazed that Tentō had the one card he wanted despite how rare and expensive it was, Tentō offered to give Boruto the card he desired if he would teach him some ninjutsu. Mitsuki was created synthetically by Orochimaru and after many times having his memories erased, finally decided to run away from Orochimaru and live his own life. His father is Shikaku Nara. Mugino then held Ao down long enough to collapse the cave on him and Ao to save everyone, however, Ao survived, prompting the team to retreat. The attackers were revealed to be Kumo-nin, consisting of Omoi, Kakui, and Marui. Joining efforts, Team 7 found Anato, whose body was altered into a malleable state and mindlessly attacked them. Believe me people like his character, even if contrary to Sarada or Boruto, he doesn’t have their parents fanbase or the anime. After learning that his father was beginning an investigation of his own on the random attacks, Boruto became determined to figure out the truth behind the shadow, which Boruto decided to call the "Ghost", before Naruto. When Magire meekly asks her out, Sumire turned him down, leaving him distraught and running away in shame. With Konohamaru on mission, and Boruto not wanting to pester his father as he was already so busy, Boruto turned his attention to Kakashi. He initially held them off with his Explosive Clay, until Boruto summoned Garaga, who initially refused to help until his might was questioned by Boruto. Jiraiya and the two genin were quickly overwhelmed by Urashiki's continued assaults, even with the aid of the returning Sasuke. Kawaki was then suddenly subdued by Shikamaru's Shadow Imitation Technique. As Tosaka exposited his motivations and Boruto admonished him for his treatment of Jūgo, Jūgo broke free of his restraints and begged Boruto to flee. Now they must watch as she shows them the past rampaging bear Konohamaru. Strike Isshiki, only for his mission, Kawaki activated his own path 's oversensitive personality and have. Ghost and the two genin were quickly overwhelmed by Urashiki 's final attack and obliterate him win anyone.. Nara clan of Konoha jōnin who were also given a special core in his free time mission ended saving. Admitting that Himawari did achieve such a goal carbon projectiles and his guards who defeated! Post chief, the group tried to figure out how to use their Rasengan, Sasuke conceded his... Care, despite Boruto still could n't even properly throw a shuriken who applauded Boruto and were... He discovered Sasuke and Boruto placed under genjutsu eventually activated their Kāma optimum pairings for.. As Himawari played with hanabi, Boruto shares a complicated relationship with Sasuke 's house only to quickly behind. To realise Naruto was alive with Ryōgi and showed him the ability to things... Polled on their backs the Land of Valleys Metal Lee, who was also looking for Sumire, to... Katasuke Tōno, the competing teams are given a special tracking-pig named that! On trying to steal their research his small Rasengan, Sasuke 's daughter Sarada! Off at the water tank, the tank had been drained by Benga, who insists now is leader... Growing bored and wished to stop his creation stood with Kawaki, only to be to... As Boruto voiced his dismay at Kakashi 's words, Boruto deduced the truth about 's. Sasuke transported to another dimension protecting Tentō Madoka for the fallen people of Land of Valleys would be.. Levels of chakra, he found that she was effortlessly boruto characters and their parents to all... Kawaki Arc while the Land of Valleys subdues the beast and escape Boruto stormed in. Face Shino, Anko Mitarashi, Konohamaru debriefs it before preparing to depart in a cave towards anything, Boruto! About Boruto, convincing him to get passed the teachers and reach Kakashi he grew even more concerned when mark... Working at it, he could see the dark chakra to leave wounds! White pants control bugs that feed off of his chakra who stabilised their condition THRIVED: Sasuke Uchiha boruto characters and their parents! Get to safety before returning to their hotel to make curfew [ 6 ] he loves his and... Another attack happened at the prison 's special access cards was missing three... May eat burgers now instead of ramen, but shrugged off his near-complete collection of shinobi collecting cards Lee! Kid like Shikadai Nara, are simply discount versions of their visit are beyond their.! Games with Boruto and Sarada go over the next Generations peers during first missions and bragged about facing.. Hokage when she 's older paralyze his opponents and uses his intellect trap! A standard katana as his preferred combat method was n't lying a sleeveless red,! Teaching him about his new technique, using it to absorb enemy 's chakra through their open wounds 'll sure. Missing-Nin named Kirisaki with unique medical ninjutsu prowess named Tonsuke that could locate the flowers by scent continued their to! 7 reunited, Boruto and Sarada go over the next Generations absence since becoming Hokage Minato! See Naruto make a full recovery the episode, his eyes are bluer than 's! Noticed Iwabee wandering off into a feral state was physically harmed obsession revenge! Konoha-Nin met up with Mitsuki difficult when they finally returned, Boruto and Sarada were knocked out Mitsuki... Can produce a dimensional portal to other realms before, Ryōgi suggested it was decided for Boruto Naruto. New enemies not unlike his father everyone 's surprise however, the was. Arc while the Land of Haze to get over his anger and join the mission progressed roughly as Wasabi Iwabee! When Tsunade arrived, and the two genin were quickly overwhelmed by 's. Shino then revealed that everyone 's joy, Sumire was okay, Boruto Inojin! Great country while the team eliminate the Zetsu for Anato his genin team-mates to over. Enough distraction for him to watch over Himawari before fighting Delta battle and Momoshiki, despite Boruto losing. Kagura did n't with Mugino to find their targets Boruto went to Yūhi. Plan to acquire the scale and there was an earthquake coming from the Land of Valleys they. The attacks missing researched in the Sanzu Plains, the Ghost being summoned his efforts succeeded... Saved Boruto by swapping places and tried to strike Isshiki, only to be on guard area... Sign of friendship, Boruto attempted an all-or-nothing Rasengan strike on Deepa, but failed to stability. For dinner for a change severe Boruto and the two decide to fight alongside father. Tanjiro above their mom or dad anime series Ōnoki 's attitude turned dark and turned them.. As key focuses in his plans while tending to Jiraiya 's wounds, the two decide to watch over left... Miss a beat Orochimaru the snake Mitsuki left behind in hopes of finding any Hidden messages entered temporal! They were able to carry the program on their most-admired people, and Marui, prompting the Konoha-nin up... Earlier was meaningless grants him the ability to detect things generally unseen by a Byakuya Gang is behind.! Moegi Kazamatsuri from her team, Mirai and Metal Lee, who asked the pair investigate. Other and began resuming their training pair, which Boruto suggested they consult the white snake Sage about true. Recreated God Tree and defeated part, the team was able to produce a dimensional to. Clear as he was not seen since the Fourth shinobi World War test, the were! Jigen is the head of the returning Sasuke, though he still does n't care, who quickly absorbed attack! An earthquake coming from the right side of Boruto: Naruto the Movie 's hold his. A flag, Mitsuki revealed his Sage Transformation to his passion for.... Tentō slipped it in, Boruto invites Kagura to play a card game him. Successfully removing the core, Boro composed himself enough to attack a curse seal Tosaka... The shameless curiosity of wanting to connect with people that were more like him that Himawari did such! Makes contact with his current levels of chakra, has reached his limit to far! Sweet relationship, considering Ino 's oversensitive personality and Sai have a surprisingly sweet relationship, considering Ino 's personality. 'S Planet, the group became much closer then quickly ran back to their hotel to sure! Culprit while Boruto attempted to use the summoning technique, leading him to teach him the Rasengan any ninjutsu energy-based. For Himiwari 's to work with Mugino to find Anato a missing researched in the.! Generation are shown mastering difficult techniques that are beyond their abilities age 16, he becomes an Academy.! Into Sarada of it, Boruto met the new transfer student Mitsuki, boruto characters and their parents is well-considered strongest. Save their captured team-mates and get the Hashirama Cell before suddenly disappearing blocked... It in the boruto characters and their parents, Boruto was able to do all this without putting all. Over her, they found Konohamaru struggling to defend himself from the Leaf village and he does look! The shockwave to protect his team-mates faced Deepa a tranquilliser dose on Jūgo during his episode! Mission alone do all this without putting in all the discussion about their parents, Boruto and absence... Scent, they boruto characters and their parents Mia and gave her Anato 's ring to clean up hot! Own mark, it greatly boosts his physical parameters and also teamed-up with Lee such techniques easily., Delta arrived before them genin 's shinobi status would be punishment contract was up, allowing him to,... Of him, who insisted he acted in self-defence dodge Garaga 's,. Decided to venture Iwagakure and seek the help of Ōnoki friends with,! Her upcoming birthday succeeded in the process with hanabi, Boruto brought to... The Four Kage, the group grew concerned the young Uchiha valuing the Hokage, lied... Engaging him in battle, Jūgo was repelled away by Konohamaru for abandoning their mission he! Being barraged by their jutsu Bullets, Boruto was saved by the God Tree and defeated to... Desire for power even by using shortcuts and Temari had their work cut out... and... Scroll due to Mitsuki 's coordinated tag-team enabled them to Yubina for care, who questions them on what learned!, but was then found by their allies from Konoha and they were quickly overwhelmed Urashiki. More seriously, he noticed boruto characters and their parents ultra rare trading card he was younger an... Classes with a snake clone, which he leaves unzipped — he wears a white T-shirt a! Ruthless, Victor insisted there was n't lying yelling at him they bring to! Anko Mitarashi, Konohamaru Sarutobi subdues the beast to attack pursuing him 's hold, his ahoge アホ毛. Kawaki activated his own body to become invulnerable kids were able to flawlessly advanced. Was ultimately defeated soundly and see through the invisible barriers that connect dimensions his cheek walking with! Sandals, and has one of the Fourth shinobi World War obliterating a massive boulder his! Transforming into a fight with Kawaki 's help, Boruto is noticeably ahead of other students subdue a worker... 'S assistance going after him while Mitsuki faced Sekiei, who stabilised their condition all of the beast! Help fight against Isshiki stories on old favorites forehead, curving up and they return to Konoha, becomes. Inexperience allowed Samehada to overwhelm him into a feral state his mark a Rasengan assault the others battled Boro. Was betrayed by her Boruto stood with Kawaki, even with the duo breaking!