They are not like other pears, they taste like apple and pear together. Asian pears are self fertile but produce a better crop when two or more varieties are planted together. MENU . Golden apple pear is crispy and hold additional sweet taste. For those with roots in China, they will be greenish-yellow when ripe. Shingo is yellowish brown and that of Golden apple pear is Korean pears are produced from September to October and exported by February. Vitamin C. Aside from vitamin K and copper, the only micronutrient found in high concentrations in Asian pears is vitamin C. With 11.6 percent of a man's and 13.9 percent of a woman's daily intake, one large Asian pear helps you to meet your body's daily vitamin C needs. Theyre also always full of juice, perfect for eating raw out of hand or incorporating into recipes. Asian pears differ from European and American pears in that they are picked ripe from the tree and don't require a secondary ripening period. Shingo pears are super crunchy more like crisp apples than other pears. google_ad_slot = "6097678961"; Trees dwarfed to 2/3 the size of standard, or about 12-18 ft.; easily kept smaller with summer pruning. google_ad_slot = "1440629027"; The Korean Giant Pear Tree grows fruit larger than a softball, and is delicious. Check the color of the pear. Don't Plant Without These! Item Details . The pear trees we offer fall into two categories: Prior to planting pears in the home garden, pear tree … Shinko is a brownish-green pear that ripens mid-August through mid-September but … eating raw, especially when sliced or diced into salads. 25' tall on standard rootstock. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. with cheese for an easy appetizer. pears fresh singo pear(5kg) invoice no ed2-15-0311 shipper s designated carrying temperature is 5 degrees celsius and designated vent 25 open Join our mailing list to get awesome discounts! One large Asian pear contains 15.3 percent of your daily copper. Order quantity is limited to 1 per order. Though the color of Shingo is yellowish brown and that of Golden apple pear is light yellowish brown, their soft flesh is white. Panjiva helps you find, evaluate and contact buyers of singo pears. Korean Singo pear Box 9 Pcs. Singo pears are sweet and juicy. Asian pear rootstocks' tolerances for winter cold are 10°F for P. calleryana, 0 to -10°F for P. betulaefolia and -30°F for P. communis and P. serotina. google_ad_height = 90; 45 shipments match singo pears. Shinko pear trees are also considered ornamental for landscaping with their white blossoms, golden fruits, and dark green leaves. There are many different varieties of Asian pears, so selecting a ripe pear based on the appearance of the skin may not work well. Tree is more spreading, not as upright as Korean Giant or Hosui. NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. google_ad_height = 90; The skin of the pear has a light, brownish-yellow tint while the inner flesh is white. Planting Pears in the Home Garden. Notify me when this product is in stock . 5lb box contains 5-7 premium pears 8lb box contains 8-10 premium pears 10lb box contains 11-14 premium pears. //-->, For PartnershipEmail:,