Cooper’s modern technique defines pragmatic use of the pistol for personal protection. Lt Col Jeff Cooper said that if he could only have one rifle, it would be the Scout. While it doesn’t fit Jeff Cooper’s definition of a scout rifle to a T, the semi-automatic M1A Scout Squad definitely takes some cues from the traditional scout rifle with its short 18-inch barrel and forward-mounted scope rail. It’s Col. Jeff Cooper’s dream come to life…yours for less than you think.. Twenty-one years ago, legendary Gunsite Academy founder Colonel Jeff Cooper chose Steyr to bring his dream rifle to life — the Steyr Scout. It was his concept, general-purpose rifle; the one rifle that could be used for most any rifleman task. SUBSCRIBE. This rifle envisioned by Jeff Cooper is a compact rifle with a powerful rifle cartridge. Throwback Thursday: The Scout Rifle. As part of his work, Cooper wanted to create a generalist rifle that would be useful for the real conditions found in hunting big game, especially in North America. It just so happens that man was the late Col. Jeff Cooper, one of the 20th century’s most influential and authoritative voices in … This scout rifle, the Ruger Gunsite Scout, is a collaboration between one of the best rifle company, Ruger and the Jeff Cooper’s training facility, Gunsite Training Center. More. We’ll likely never know how Jeff Cooper would have felt about a Steyr Scout chambered for the 6.5 Creedmoor. Most of us who read TKB are interested primarily in defense when it comes to firearms. He ran a solid course from start to finish. Jeff Cooper was an interesting guy. Gunsite 250 graduates still visit the sconce after graduation on Friday. If sales are any indicator, a very few have considered the 2 grand price tag as the correct price for an answer. Jeff Cooper was presented with a specially finished rifle at the SHOT Show. Essentially, he wanted a light, powerful rifle that would be equally qualified to handle most hunting chores and also serve as a personal defense weapon. A USMC Lieutenant Colonel that served in both World War II and Korea, he also worked as a history teacher, founded a shooting school (Gunsite), and wrote for a number of gun magazines. Get One of These Models. Tom Russell was both a friend and instructor with Jeff Cooper and was present at the Whittington Center with Jeff when Steyr introduced the Scout Rifle back in 1997. Getting the right scout rifle is not easy if you don’t have any idea what to look for. At its core, the so-called “scout rifle” is simply the name that one man assigned to his personal ideal of the general purpose “do-everything” rifle. He is knowledgeable and a good communicator. by Jeff Cooper - Thursday, October 2, 2014. Sure. Cooper’s Scout Rifle – A (Literally) Fantastic Gun Posted October 13, 2014 in Other Gear & Gadgets by Nathaniel F with 74 Comments At the end of September, the Guns & Ammo website posted a magazine article by Jeff Cooper from their 1966 issue, covering carbines. Other rifles that may not be the original Jeff Cooper design but are real Scout rifle systems include the following. Unfortunately, many writers have missed the spirit of the scout rifle concept, using the traits such as the light weight, .308 chambering, […] Jeff Cooper began experimenting with carbines as early as the mid-1960s. Rifle Description: Steyr Mannlicher ~ Scout ~ .308 Win This package is in the Scout’s originally designed configuration as specified by legendary small-arms expert, author and founder of what would later become the Gunsite Training Center, United States Marine Corps Lt. Col. John Dean “Jeff” Cooper (1920-2006). Col. Jeff Cooper began to experiment with the concept that would come to be called the Scout Rifle in the 1960’s. In the 1970s, Col. Jeff Cooper, a rifleman’s rifleman if there ever was one (and firearm safety rules guy), pioneered the idea of a general purpose rifle that would work in a variety of roles from hunting to defense.. Gunsite Academy is now the curator of Jeff’s library and their home is a museum. SPONSORED CONTENT. We also know he despised the rifle in .223 Remington. The progress of modern technology has been curiously uneven. However the scout rifle concept answers a question very few have asked. Jeff Cooper conceptualized the Scout Rifle so his definition should be the deciding factor. Jeff Cooper credited the Winchester Model 94 and Mannlicher-Schoenauer carbines as the inspiration for the concept that he developed into the modern scout rifle. His work with these reduced rifles led to his conceptualized solution to the one rifle question—Steyr’s Scout Rifle. The scout rifle as we know it has its origins in the 1960s. Until now, the acquisition of a true scout rifle … We know he was OK with the rifle in .243 Winchester, 7mm-8 Remington and .376 Steyr. Cooper’s vision was a rifle suitable for virtually any purpose, from big-game hunting to home defense. Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Cooper, the founder of Gunsite, originally conceived the idea for the scout rifle. Features. Want a Scout Rifle? 4. The concept was obsolete the very moment the book came out. The scout rifle is the type of rifle that falls on the criteria. Janelle passed away July 28th, 2019. Eguipped with an integrated bipod, a light weight receiver with extended Weaver-rail, flip-up emergency sights and an extra magazine in the butt stock. It was to be a general-purpose rifle. Mainly through my involvement with IPSC shooting I met and talked with Cooper on several occasions — apparently without making any lasting impression, as I had to introduce myself every time. Although no one can speak more authoritatively on the subject than the late Cooper himself, I have become a student of the concept. Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad. The subject of this article is a custom Mauser I had built a few years back. In 1984, Gunsite founder Jeff Cooper began writing about the Scout Rifle extensively. The Cooper Scout was to be a knock about rifle carried by the western outdoorsman the same way we think cowboys always had a colt strapped on. During a long and productive life, the late Col. Jeff Cooper introduced many innovative ideas in firearms and firearm training. The scout rifle concept was born in 1997 with the publishing of the book Art of the Rifle by the late Col. Jeff Cooper. Right? Steyr Scout Jeff Cooper Package .308 Win. The concept was dubbed “the scout rifle,” and Cooper refined it … And, while there are some aspects of the concept that never changed, others varied. Steyr Scout .308 Rifle Review. The scout rifle, as a concept, came largely from the thinking of Col. Jeff Cooper, a Marine who spent much of his life planning, practicing, and teaching practical shooting. Much has been written about Jeff Cooper’s scout rifle concept. In the early 1980s, Cooper published an article describing his ideal of a general-purpose rifle, which he dubbed a Scout Rifle. Cooper was also a rifleman, and there is an argument to be made that a concept he popularized, the scout rifle, is just beginning to really hit its stride a full decade, after Col. Cooper … All commands were clear and there was never a question about the expectation. The author's custom rifle does not quite meet all the specifications for a Scout, but it meets his needs well. Jeff Cooper’s famous rifle design has ­finally gone mainstream, but the first scouts are still the best What is very often overlooked is the practical application and friendliness of the rifle Cooper … The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle has been designed to deliver the best performance of a scout rifle. One of his last projects was the “Scout Rifle” concept. The production of the Steyr Scout Rifle is the culmination of almost seven years of effort between Jeff Cooper and the Steyr Mannlicher company. Problem is, Cooper’s definition varied over time. Is the scout rifle still relevant?. Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle. The concept of the scout rifle was developed by recognized gun expert, the late Lt. Col Jeff Cooper. Developed together with the American legend Marine Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Cooper, the MANNLICHER SCOUT is a combination of future orientated design and innovative technical solutions. Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad rifle in 7.62 Nato, mounting an 18” barrel, MA Grand action ( basic, ) carries an overall barrel length of 40.33 inches ( TANKER MODEL OR APC CUT DOWN ) and stocked in synthetic or walnut. The rifle needed to be accurate with iron sights to 500 yards and powerful enough to take down large game animals for hunting or self-defense. Jeff Cooper conceived the Scout rifle as a general-purpose rifle for hunting and self-defense. I’ll let others argue which definition is … According to Jeff Cooper, the ideal scout rifle should be based on a short action, weigh about seven pounds (without scope) and be no more than a meter (39") in overall length. Working with Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona, a few years ago, Ruger designed a modern-day rendition of the scout rifle based on its Model 77 bolt-action rifle. Jeff passed away September 25, 2006 at the age of 86.

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